Electing day.

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It’s municipal election day here in London Ont. I got out and did my civic duty around 4:30 pm.

I took Jasmine along and she stuck close to learn what I was doing. I even let her fill in on of the circles. Isn’t electing fun! They even gave out stickers that said “I voted” on them.20141027_163653

I hope she votes in every election she can. I do. I think it’s important.

I look forward to a new council and mayor in our city. (The last mayor was convicted of something and had to step down…) Nothing like Toronto’s mayor and the trouble he caused. But it didn’t look good. Still doesn’t.

I looked at a trailer yesterday as a candidate for the new Mac 26D for the Finding Peace Sail Charters fleet. It’s the right price. It just needs lights, proper bunks and a set of tires. 20141026_161614

My buddy Chris is looking as well for me. He thinks the Mac. trailer he was looking at the other day has been moved the the junk area of his club… That may mean it just got less expensive… I hope so.

Not that the price is a barrier. I just want the proper trailer for the boat. I think there is something to how the manufacturer sets it up that matters. After all they know how the boat is built…

The Mac trailers haven’t the best reputation for there structural integrity while empty. Their wiggly without the boat on them.

If everything turns out like I plan. I will go to get the trailer from my buddies club early Sat. am and go pick up the boat right after. Then off to my storage place.

We’ll see how that plan turns out.


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