New Boat! And Daddy Daughter Week!

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I committed to purchase the new MacGregor26D today. I will be paying yesterdays price. They didn’t want to go lower. The boat is a repo for non payment of storage fees from last year. So I am getting it from the yard that stored it. That’s how I got the Siren 17. The previous owner stopped paying the storage fees and never came for the boat. Not even after numerous phone calls and an add in the paper! They just walked away from them… So after a set time the storage yard gains ownership for payment then tries to sell the boat (Or car, trailer etc) for at least the storage fees owing. (Think Storage Wars the TV show.) (Sometimes they go lower just to get the space back to get a paying customer in. In the case of the Siren I asked if I could have the boat. It had been their a long time and had allot owing on it. They told me to get it out of their! Free.) (That didn’t work for the MacGregor though.)

Now it’s just a matter of getting a trailer and getting it home. One of my buddies thinks he may know of a couple trailers that may be for sale. I hope he comes through as they are Mac trailers. Mac trailers are the things of legends. Many a tale have been told of them. Maybe not a good tale. But they fit the boat. That’s the important thing. I don’t want to poke a hole in the hull or crack it with a roller.

When I originally was looking for my first boat I saw some things you don’t want to see. I have seen MacGregor 25’s that had stress cracks in the gel-coat where they sat on the bunks wrong or where rollers were placed. Not good!

If I can’t find a suitable trailer in the next few weeks I’ll take one of my boats off it’s trailer and go get it with it. I would really rather not do that though.

I sent my wife Heidi to Toronto today for a week of Waldorf teacher training. She will be back next Sunday. So it is daddy daughter week! Oh the fun we will have! Staying up late and eating a strict diet of meat and waffles. Mom will be so proud. Or horrified.

So far we have watched the BBQ.20141026_175009 (Don’t have a TV.) And made burgers for supper. We also crawled around in the attic of the garage putting away the summer stuff. Also bags of sails and all kinds of other boat stuff. I still have a few more things to get put away before it snows.


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