Road trip Sat.

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I had to make a mad dash to the yacht club today after picking up Jasmine from school. My plan was to get the power washer I had left their on Saturday and get out before they locked up the gate at4pm. I had planned last Sat to pick it up this Sat when I was going to be their to help put the boats in the clubhouse. But I now have other plans.

Traffic at 3:20 is crazy near her school. It’s near Western University so there’s always traffic. But at that time of day it is a lot crazier. (We had to drive past Western too.) Traffic is always bad after school starts each year. About 50 thousand students descend on the city like locusts.

So we went from her school to the club in 25 min. Leaving us 15 to get in and get my power washer and get back out. It took 4 min to get in the club and load the power washer and get back out of the club. Then another 2 to get back over the dam and past the locking gate.

We had 8 minutes left!

Had we not made it back out before the gate was closed we would have had to leave the car overnight. (Those park rangers don’t mess around!)

I made arrangements to go and look at another boat for the Finding Peace Sail Charters fleet today too.

I’m going on Saturday morning to see it with my buddy Knoal. (Not his real name.)

I’m looking forward to the 2 hour drive each way. It could be a little longer coming home if the boat follows me though.

I hope the traffic is better there than here.

I’m off now to check my list of to bring things for Sat.

Tomorrow I’m cleaning the car out so I can put the winter mats in and the things I may need to bring a new boat home.


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