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I used to dream of owning a sailboat. Not a tiny play toy but something that I could take my family away for a week on. My dream became reality about 4 years ago when I got my first 26′ sailboat.

A funny thing happened after I got that boat. My views changed some way. Why not join a Yacht Club… Yea a guy like me a member of a Yacht Club. My picHa! Got over that though and joined fyc.on.ca 3years now.

If I can own a nice sailboat why can’t others? Money is a huge reason people don’t own these things. Everyone thinks these things are really expensive. There wrong! Not if you charter when you want!

Then I had an opportunity to get another sailboat exactly like the one I had. I had tried to purchase it when I was originally looking for a boat. Now it is in the fleet.

Now having 2 nice sized boats my thoughts changed again. Why not share what I have with others? (And make another dream reality… Start a charter company using principles I had learned from online courses and audio books.)

Now I have Finding Peace Sail Charters. At a low price point that yacht chartering has never seen before. $1000/ week.

I’ve procured another sailboat (3) by doing my version of the AppSumo failure challenge. Forget a coffee discount. Can I have that sailboat! It works!

I’ve been challenging my old beliefs and coming up with new ones that I would never have thought about if I hadn’t done the thing I didn’t think I could ever do. Own a nice sailboat.

I’m going to look at a perspective #4 on Saturday.

More boats = more people that can afford to live their dreams! It all helps people grow and dream bigger.

That’s important.


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