How to charter our sailboats.

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I was chatting with a customer today about the qualifications needed to charter one of our boats. He was asking because he has rented a houseboat before and there was onshore instruction and not other qualifications needed. (Yikes! Off the street to on the boat in an hour or so…) Houseboats are pretty slow and tough though.

We do have a captains resume that has to be filled out. We require references like the manager of the club you sail out of’s phone #. Don’t have a club but race or crew. Then the contact info for the boat owner or fleet captain.

We also need a valid PCOC and valid Drivers License.

We check with the references from the references. (At this point I haven’t figured out how to validate a drivers license or PCOC.)

If a sailor doesn’t have a drivers license we have a requirement that the maximum supplemental insurance be purchased.

So back to what someone that hasn’t sailed needs to charter one of our boats:

Sail 1 certification, PCOC and a drivers license with the extra insurance.

That’s it.

Here is how easy someone with no experience can charter.

Get your PCOC. Sign up and take Sail1 in the spring. After you have your Sail1 sail as much as you can. (At our club if you take any of the sailing school courses you get to use the clubs boats for the rest of the year!)

How do you sail without a boat? Crew every time you can on as many different boats that you have access to. How do you get on a boat to crew? Walk the docks and talk to sailors. Ask at yacht clubs and sailing clubs. Almost every club has a weekly race.

So if you have been sailing from May then by August you will be qualified.

I have some simple videos that go over the particular boat that you are chartering. A link is given when the boat is chartered. Each boat is a little different so I find this helps to familiarize our clients with the boat they will be using.

It’s that simple.


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