I love doing what I do.

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“The world is a book

and those who do not travel,

​read only one page.”  – St Augustine

I just had another entrepreneur send me that quote. They are a lifestyle marketing couple that travel the world and live their dreams. (Think MLM. Not so much for me…)

It’s about 9pm and it got me thinking about life. Of course with the passing of my friend Ron and the closing of the Yacht Club for the season and fall really starting to show us the colder weather to come. It makes me think of travel to anywhere different and warm.

Not wanting to run away from here, I just staying warm and exploring.

That’s what I love to do. Explore new places, things, ideas, everything new.

I changed careers a year back. I fired myself from my contracting company and started a Yacht Charter business. Finding Peace Sail Charters was my dream and now it’s my reality.yacht club race night 024

It was that easy! No. Not that easy. It took some convincing… Convincing myself that I could do it. Silly fears kept popping up… (My office is landlocked… How can I run a charter from away..?…)

Turns out to be easier than I thought. I had the tools (Boats and such.) and just needed a little more experience with the online parts. (All of that.) I’ve been getting that training just about daily via online courses and business audio books. (Audio books so I can do other work while I learn how to make a business that will change other peoples lives while I do other work.)

Convincing family and friends wasn’t very hard. I just told them I was changing careers and moving in this direction. That showed me who in my family and group of friends would support me. It also showed who was afraid of change.

I used to be. I think I lost a lot of that when Jasmine was diagnosed with cancer. I look for more opportunities now. Opportunities to grow as an individual and learn. Opportunities to help others. Those things that used to scare me.

I’ve heard a quote. Something about turning a new page in life. I guess that’s just it. Keep turning the pages and live more. Live life.20141019_142957

I wonder what’s in the next chapter.


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