Fair seas Ron.

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My friend and dock mate Ron Weick was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. He leaves behind a daughter (Jenna 17) and son (Tylor 20). I received a call from Jenna this morning and she let me know about her dad. She is a strong kid for 17.

Ron was a great guy. Really. We got along great and had a bunch of laughs.

I last communicated with him yesterday via TXT about taking our shared dock out out of the water. That was planned for tomorrow.

I informed the Yacht Club that he had passed and they have let the membership know.

Tonight Jasmine and I took the Siren 17 out and power washed it. (She doesn’t know about Ron’s passing.)  I took the mast down and packed it up. I have it in my driveway for now. I’ll empty it after things are back to normal.

Tomorrow Heidi, Jasmine and I will remove the dock and store it.


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