Canoe Away

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It’s all locked away now. My canoe that is. I went to the club just before dark tonight and put it on the roof of the car and took it to my shop and licked it up outside.20141015_185422( It isn’t sitting on properly in the picture. I moved it ahead about 3′ and tied it down.) I hope it doesn’t get wrecked again by people trying to steal it or break into the shop. (I can’t remember if there were 11 or 14 holes In it that I fixed in the summer. Too many anyways.) I don’t have a video camera set up on that side of my shop yet. Yet. When I get a chance and it’s not -30 out. There’s just more important stuff to do right now.

I’m pulling boat #3 of the Finding Peace Sail Charters fleet , the Siren 17, out tomorrow so I was getting things ready tonight. At the club there are only 3 boats in the water now… In the past I am usually the last boat out.20141015_185720

I have the power washer and my scrub brushes ready to go for when I pick up Jasmine after school. It’s going to be a daddy daughter project. Jasmine is great with that stuff. She even likes power washing… She is even better than most people I know at it! She did most of one of the MacGregor 26D’s last year and didn’t miss a spot or peel off the ablative bottom paint!

After we power wash the bottom I will drop the mast and pack it up for travailing. Then off to my place to unload the stuff that is in it. I will store it empty. Except for some boxes of baking powder and an air freshener. I don’t use a air freshener in the other boats but they didn’t have raccoons living in them for 7 years… It doesn’t smell now but I just want to make sure it’s not funky in the spring.

I am going to drape a tarp over the mast and cover the whole boat this winter.


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