Leaf blowing Turkey

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We had a bunch of running around to do today so we set off about 11 am. I won’t bore you with all the details but we didn’t get new winter boots for Jasmine. Or an owl. 846852856

At one point we did go to the Trails End Market. A weekly farmers market. (Their not farmers. They hit the Toronto food terminal on Friday afternoon and load up on discounted produce to sell it to unsuspecting people. Hey this box of fruit says Peru on it. So your farm is in Peru? Wow that’s a long drive… I love the “Local Sweat Corn” In February…!) I don’t fall for it. I know their tricks. I love to barter with the venders knowing exactly what I’m getting and approximately what there cost are and aim for that amount in my offers.

There are some legit farmers that show up during harvest season with produce. You can tell because they don’t have boxes of stuff from all over the world.

We did get some stuff though. Smoked white fish, crusty buns, a bushel of apples and some parsnips.888 Pretty eclectic eh. Well the apples will only last about 3 weeks with the way I eat them. (3 a day.) The smoked fish and the crusty buns were our lunch/ picnic at the yacht club. The parsnips were too good of a deal to turn down.

After our customary visit to the live animal auction we went to the yacht club for a picnic.877875872 While leaving the auction area I followed a man with a live chicken under his arm. He had just come in from outside. I commented that he just caught his own outside and that it was probably a better deal than the auction. He said you never know what you will find outside. Then he walked right through the vegetable and fruit vender area with the chicken under his arm and got a lot of looks from people. Seeing the looks he was getting I said to each person that shopping bags are extra. Most chucked. Some gave blank stairs.

The yacht club was busy with people pulling their sailboats out and the Dragon boat people were taking their boats and docks out today too.

We didn’t get to sail because we had more things on the list to get done today. Just time to have lunch and collect acorn caps. (Crafts…)904905

Tonight I took apart the leaf blower and replaced the pull rope. I was surprised how much it had to come apart. Almost everything but the crank and piston! I picked up the pull cord while I was out hunting a turkey. I caught a turkey at the local grocery store for the price of a cheaper one at another grocery store. They price match and beat it by $.01. ( I saved $7+.) I picked up the pull cord from the hardware store in the same strip mall. I found out why the leaf blower was so hard to start too. A gasket was installed wrong from the factory! ( I used silicone to make a replacement gasket.)

I am going to leave the outboard motors until sometime in the winter to do. I have some other stuff I need to do to the boats while it’s still above 0c. So I’ll get that done while I can.

Tomorrow we sail and BBQ a turkey.


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