Leaf Jumping

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Not a good day to sail after work today. So we raked the leaves in the front yard into a big pile and jumped in them. (Note… They’re not as soft as they look! Trust me. I did the NesTea plunge and the ground under the leaves is pretty solid! ) Jasmine hid in them for a while as Heidi and I looked for her. I wanted to just wait quietly and see how long she would stay their. Heidi wouldn’t go for that. I got some really cute pictures of her in the leaves.20141010_19131320141010_191529 I also did a quick action video of her jumping into them. Link: http://youtu.be/S-Ww5UMMKyg

I had made tentative plans to see a boat tomorrow but the guy hasn’t returned my call. That’s OK it’s a long weekend anyway. More sailing time for me!

Sadly this will be the last weekend of sailing at Fanshawe Yacht Club for the 2014 season. So I’m going to try and make the most of it. I’m going to pull the boat out this week and get it ready for winter. That means power washing the guck off the bottom once I pull it out. Power washing the bottom is a must after being in Fanshawe Lake. It’s got this guck stuff that won’t come off once dry. I call it guck because I don’t really know what else to call it. It is a combination of blue green algae and squishy aquatic critters. We also have Zebra mussels but the ablative paint I use keeps them off. Last year their was a guy that put his new boat in for 3 weeks without ablative paint the gel-coat stained a nasty brown. He sanded it off. I mentioned using a hull cleaning product…. That would have saved about 6 hours work and the gel-coat.

I look forward to seeing what the bottom of my boat looks like. It wasn’t bad when I took it to Port Stanley. Nothing really on it at all.

I didn’t paint it either… I did paint the keel and trunk and the 6 spots where it sits on the rollers of the trailer. But I left the rest because it still had paint on it from 8 years ago that was in good shape. Really. It looked good and did it’s ablative thing if you rubbed on it so I left it knowing that I’m going to power wash it once out of the water. I’ll give it a light scrub with my car wash brush. I’ll bring the more aggressive brush just in case too.

I take my own gas powered power washer to the club to power wash the boats. I have seen the club owned one in pieces too many times to even think about using it. (I bring it out to the clean up days too so there is at least 2 power washers for people to use when we clean the club boats and docks.)

Next weekend is the clean up at the club and in a reminder email we are asked to bring tools, shovels, rakes and they mentioned leaf blowers… I think Jasmine is going to have a lot of fun with the huge piles of leaves we have out their! I need to fix the pull cord on my leaf blower. I should pick up cord tomorrow and get enough to do all the out board motors while I’m at it.

To book a sailing charter go to findingpeace.info or call 1-519-670-3773


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