Frost Cookies!

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Ahhh. We had frost last night. That is too soon! The thermometer said -2c at 7 am this morning! Our thermometer is in our screened in back porch that faces West. So it hadn’t had any sun yet.

I had to scrape the windshield too! (I picked up new scrapers for both cars a few weeks back. They extend and have a adjustable broom type brush. I think they will work great this winter.) Enough about that! Well here is a video link to me up to my knee in show. It helps me remember the few good cold times.

I still have my boat in the water! I’m going to get out on it as much as possible in the few days we have left. May as well. It beats shoveling. Or raking leaves.

I really don’t like fall and winter. I don’t like fall because it is cold and wet and leads to winter. Winter just isn’t fun like it was when I was a kid. I still toboggan and snowshoe with the family and that is fun. But it doesn’t last the whole winter.

Fall does bring boat deals. The boat parts stores start having their end of season sales and used boats get a lot cheaper this time of year.

I’m going to look at another boat for the fleet on Sat. It’s a good deal and will fit right in with what we have now. (More on that Sat.)

One good thing is it’s apple crisp time. I chopped up some apples when I got home tonight in preparation of apple crisp with fresh cranberry’s. I added the juice of a lemon to the chopped apple. When Heidi got home and after supper we made apple crisp and I played with the left over topping.Cookies 004Cookies 006 It turned into cookies. Jasmine and I made our own cookies.Cookies 003Cookies 002 They have Peanut butter, almond slivers, sweetened coconut, and some other stuff that made it cookie like. They turned out nicely and yummy.


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