Equipment failures

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I’ve been giving my equipment failures on the weekend thought throughout the day today.

I was sailing in heavy wind conditions and am overall happy with how the boat performed. I’m not happy about the equipment failures though. I don’t want that to happen to guests of Finding Peace Sail Charters. Not that I’m chartering the Siren, but the bigger boats. Those are want I don’t want to have any problems with. For now the Siren 17 is my Toy Boat.yacht club race night 024

I’ve been trying some new blocks from a newer sailboat equipment company and am pleased with their performance and price. I think I will try their other products and outfit the whole boats with their products. Why not. Then there will be new hardware on the two MacGregor 26D’s. I’ll take the hardware from the Mac’s and use it on the Siren. It’s still in great shape but I think I want to try this new stuff and get feedback from my customers. This will allow me to find a more affordable alternative to the big name hardware makers.

From what I’ve seen of their specks on their equipment it is at least as good or better than the big names. A little research has now showed me that they were (Are still…?) a OEM manufacturer. So they make hardware it for at least one of the big name hardware company’s… Hmm.

If my customers like it then I will probably outfit each new boat I add to the fleet with it too. Hey maybe even have a link to there website so my customers can get a little better deal on the same equipment for their boats.

So starts the list: Turning blocks, cam cleats and everything else…

So there is a new task. Make a detailed list of all hardware on the boats for a pricing quote.


2 thoughts on “Equipment failures

    Steve said:
    October 7, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    I must be missing it somewhere, what is the company you are getting parts from and how do we contact them?

      fpsailingcharters responded:
      October 8, 2014 at 1:17 am

      I’ll let you know once I have something set up with them. I’m waiting on a reply form them. I’m not sure they will sell retail or not. I’ll write a post about it when I do hear back.

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