Pumpkin Turkey Math

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And the winner is…. Not me. Not yet any way.

I sailed in the Pumpkin Regatta today at Fanshawe Yacht Club. Races started around 11 am and I was off the water by 4:30 after sailing in 4 races and stopping for lunch mid way. I finished them all too! I was put in the keelboat class this time. I was asked before the race by the organizer which class I wanted to sail in. I said keel boat.

There were a lot of boats out for this regatta with a bunch of them from other clubs. One as far away as Sudbury Ont! I saw 4 Y Flyers I had never seen and at least 3 Wayfarers from other clubs. There was even a 29er and a Phantom. (All much faster than a Siren 17.)Pumpkin regatta Sat 015

I didn’t come last even once today! That’s a huge improvement over every other race I have been in with the Siren 17 to date. I really did well on the first 2 races and not so bad in the last two.

I need to work on the start line. I found myself being stuck in wind shadows at the start on the last two races.

It was windy today too. That really helped me because the Siren is a dog in light air. The wind was forecast 10-14 knots in the am and 11-17 in the afternoon.

I think it was a bit stronger than that this afternoon. It really picked up on the last race. So much that I had water coming into the cockpit from over the sides. That was with the main all the way out and flagging and the jib most of the way out. I let it out some more to get back on my feet again.

It was so gusty that 4 Lazers went over all at the same time! I was beating into the big gusty stuff and not making as good a headway as I thought I would. I thought the Siren would do a bit better in heavy wind. It could be my home made sails though.

After I rounded the mark I was wing on wing going dead down wind and having a great ride. Probably going as fast as this boat has ever gone before. I didn’t check my gps as I threw it in the cabin after I got water in the cockpit. I had it hooked to a hiking strap so it was very close to the floor of the cockpit and the water that was sloshing around.

One thing I noticed on this crazy fast downwind ride was the forestay was loose! Yea loose!

My Siren is a 1975 and it doesn’t have a back stay. (Not many did as it was a special order item.) I am glad I removed and re-riveted the side stays and the forestay when I bedded everything with Butyl tape! I know they wouldn’t have take the punishment that today was giving out.

After the racing there was a turkey dinner put on by the Hurst family (Of which Brian is the Commodore this year.) in the club house. It was packed. About 80 people or more enjoyed a lovely dinner. I went home after the racing and picked up Heidi and Jasmine for dinner.Pumpkin regatta Sat 021Pumpkin regatta Sat 028

At dinner one of the crew from another boat told me that I may have a chance of winning the regatta… (I’m not sure…) He said that after all the times are corrected that I have probably got a good chance. (I’m still not sure…) I am classified as a keel boat in the open keel-boat class… My PHRF # is 279 without a spinnaker. The highest of all the boats that I raced against today. (Maybe…)

I’m going to let the race committee do the math and will go from their.


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