Wood rudder design

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Tonight I’m getting the fuel hose ready for this weekend when I plan to use the Johnson motor on the Siren for the Pumpkin regatta. This year there’s a turkey dinner on Saturday. $7.50 per person… We will be there for sure. (I’m a big turkey fan. More on that closer to Thanksgiving.)

Every regatta at our club is always a great deal. The cost to participate is low and lunch is always provided on the Saturday. $40/ double handed boat…

Tomorrow after work I am taking a buddy to the Woodstock wood show. I like wood. He does too.

I try and go every year to see what is new in the wood world. I used to be a contractor and like fine woodworking still so it’s a good afternoon out exploring. I still have all my tools and like making the wood things for the boats.

The only pieces of wood on the MacGregor 26D’s are the tiller handle and the step going into the cabin. (They look great!) I did replace the rudder with a wood one wrapped with fiberglass and Kevlar.

I did replace all the wood on the Siren this summer as it all was rotted beyond saving. I made everything except the rudder. It’s next. I just wanted to get the boat in the water so I could sail. The rudder has a bit of a bow in it… Like this:  (  That doesn’t help with handling and creates more drag than I want. I’m going to try a different shape for the leading edge when I make the new one. I’ll keep the foil shape. At least I’ll make it a true foil shape. (0012 or 0018) Those provide the best lift for the slow speeds that the Siren travels at.

More on the rudder this winter.


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