Setting up winter storage for the fleet.

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I was communicating with my buddy Marcus today about winter storage for my fleet of yachts.

I have one at his storage place already and need to bring 2 more out in the next month or so.

Things are good. I have room to keep my fleet together. I like that they will all  be together so I don’t have to go from one end to the other to get to each boat to check on them.

I like to check in once a month in the winter usually after big storms just to make sure they are cosy and warm. I don’t like the thought of tarps flapping around and boats full of snow.

I’m going to do some work to an old outboard motor I have tonight. It’s a 83 Johnson 7.5 long shaft. Great running motor. But I broke the twist grip a few years back and now have a replacement to install. 83 was the first year that Johnson used a cable throttle control so… I don’t think it wasn’t quite perfected yet.

Like almost everything that brakes on a boat the twist grip broke at a crucial docking moment. On the day I was pulling the boat out for the winter. I was coming into the dock with a 25 m/h wind coming from the side and back and I was blown over too much so I put it in R and gave it a hit of gas. That’s when it broke. About ¾ throttle in R! Great! I Had Jasmine then 4 standing on the dock waiting for me and I was backing away fast. I had forgot to lock the motor down too. So it kept leaping out of the water and roaring!

I thought quick and decided to try and use the cross wind with the motor off. I knew about how far I would slide sideways from my first attempt. I had one shot and then it was float across the lake… At least until I could get a sail up and try sailing into the dock…

My floating in worked flawlessly. (I came in kind of backwards.) I stepped off the back and tied the boat to a dock cleat and it almost swung around perfectly.

That would have made a great YouTube moment!

I want to use this motor this weekend in the pumpkin regatta at our yacht club. The 2 hp Elgin I have been using drags in the water a bit while on a Port tack. I need all the speed I can get in my SIren 17… So I had better get it fixed.


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