Mick and Rickey

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I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of my old professors from college today.

It was a nice time to get a chance to chat. The first was Michael Durham (Mick) and the second was Eric Atkinson (Rickey).

This happened because I had done a favor for one of them and was doing another favor for another friend today too.

I picked up my buddy Knoal at 4 and we got a 32’ ladder tied it to the top of my Saab and dropped it off at Mick’s house. We then picked up Mick and went shopping at Home Depot for some construction materials for a few of his apt’s. We got 3 counter tops, a bunch of ¼ round trim and a couple tap sets. Then set off to where I picked Knoal up originally to drop off 2 counter tops. the trim. and a tap set. That’s when Knoal noticed his purse was missing. (I call it a purse. He calls it a bag. I use pockets my…) It had his ID, a Ipod and a bunch of other stuff in it. So Backs to Home Depot where we found his purse on a pile of 6×6 posts. Then back to the other address to drop off the 3rd counter top and last tap set.

I left Mick at the last place and Knoal and I were off to get another ladder from one of his job sites (Rickey’s) and bring it to the 2nd counter top place.

It was at Rickey’s house and he came out to chat while I strapped it to the roof. We had a good chat and caught up a bit. It’s been 20 years since Rickey retired and I finished art school. That went fast!Rickie and I 003

After I finished hauling things around and visiting I went to fix my lawnmower that isn’t working properly. A friend has it as I use a reel type. I just need to get a new spark plug to make it go again.Rickie and I 004

Rickey has a show on at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton NB right now.  http://beaverbrookartgallery.org/en/visit/exhibitions/eric-atkinson-journeys-through-the-landscape/

Mick has a show coming up at the St Thomas- Elgin Art Centre Michael Durham March 7 – April 18, 2015

When I got home later I found my little girl sporting a new hair cut! Rickie and I 007And raspberry muffins!Rickie and I 006


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