Crab boil.

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What a lovely time at the Fanshawe Yacht Club we had today. That of course after we had worked hard on our yard most of the day.

This wasn’t the normal cut the lawn stuff. I did cut the grass but we also dethatched the whole yard by hand with a steel rake! That’s not fun! I had a big blister on my hand that is just a big raw spot now. Heidi weeded the back flower bed and I planted a mix of all purpose grass seed and white clover all over the bare spots. There are a lot of bare spots too.crabs 005

I don’t really care if we have grass or clover. I’d really rather work on a boat then the yard. I’ll cut whatever is there green or not.crabs 018

We went out about 4 this afternoon and brought our dinner to cook at the club. It was meant to be a kind of picnic overlooking the lake from the north of the club from the top of the bluff. I figured we may as well picnic at the club because their was absolutely no wind.

Well the mosquitos were very hungry today and because their was no wind they were everywhere. (I thought that they had been fed by us on friday night at the pot luck we were at. I must have got bit 10 times and Jasmine about 50.) So we decided to eat in the club house. I really wanted to eat on the edge of the bluff but Heidi’s common sense prevailed. We also forgot the bug spray. (The one one the boat is empty too…)

The kitchen is new last winter and has a big center island that has stools at one end. It worked perfectly for what we were  eating.

Our dinner was a crab boil.crabs 042crabs 037crabs 041

I picked up a bunch of rock crab from the supermarket today and some corn on the cob. Threw both in a big pot with some Old Bay and steamed.  crabs 035

While they were steaming we walked around the club grounds. I even showed Hiedi the tree that Jasmine and I moved the week before. Just a perfect relaxing time after our day of yard work.

Great eats too. Those little crabs are really tasty!crabs 054

I love it when things like crabs or any seafood is available fresh in London Ont. A few years ago fresh fish only came into the city twice a week! Now it’s daily with different ethnic grocery stores all over town. I love that!


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