Preparing for next summer.

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One of the things I like to do other than sail is BBQ. I have a charcoal wood smoker in my backyard. It is amazing! We use it about once a week most of the year. Yes even in the winter!

Have you ever gone for a walk around the city in the winter and you come across that nice wood smell of someones fireplace or wood stove? Well if you are in London near my place it probably will smell like that fire place with a hint of whatever I’m smoking that day. (Pork, turkey, fish, vegetables, anything!)

Well today someone gave me a crab apple tree. All cut up into perfect size pieces for my smoker.  They even split the big pieces! I just had to pick it up. Which I did this afternoon. It’s a freshly cut tree so it has to dry out before I can use it. (Wet wood makes whatever you are smoking black. I found that out the hard way many years ago.) I love the taste that apple wood gives when I use it. The fact that it is crab apple wood doesn’t matter. It will work perfectly.

I brought it home and stacked a bunch of it under my smoker and the rest behind the garage to dry.Wood 003 It needs air circulation to dry properly so I stacked it loosely. I expect that it will be OK to use by mid July. I have a bunch of other wood tucked away in the garage to carry me over until then.Wood 002

I just did some quick math and compared the total weight of the wood (400lb) to the amount of chips you get in a bag of smoking chips and figure that the tree was worth about $225. That’s a lot of smoking! I don’t just the wood to smoke but I use it as the fuel too. So I will get about 4 years out of this tree if I combine it with charcoal.

I’m going to try and come up with a few recipes that can be smoked on a rail mount grill/ BBQ for the boats. Propane grills are not the best thing to use. (Propane gives off water as it burns! That coats whatever you are smoking and doesn’t let the smoke penetrate properly.)

It will work well enough in a pinch for me if I’m on the boat and want a smokey burger or anything.

I plan to have a recipe book on each of the charter boats for Finding Peace Sail Charters. I’ll put the recipes on the website too for those that are interested.


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