3 wheeled wagon football!

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Today I finished the brakes and shocks on the car and sold a nice leather couch. That was all before 10 am.

I’m very happy with the way the suspension on the car turned out! Replacing the shocks and adding spring helpers lifted the back end up 1.5” and has stopped the bouncy ride. The brakes calipers look great painted red through the rim.football 1295football 1297 I’m glad I went with red and not yellow or gold. After all it is a station wagon. (A very fast one that corners very well now.) I just got in from a road test tonight. I took it down some twisty country roads. It handles like a race car! Sticks to the road in the curves.

Another thing I did today was take Jasmine and Moosey to the Western University Homecoming football game. We don’t live too far from the University so we walked. Well I walked and pulled the wagon with Jasmine and Moosey in it. Until… A wheel fell off.football 1304 We were doing so well too. We made it halfway and left the wagon locked to a light pole so I could pick it up later. It was only another 10 min walk from the broken down wagon. I was passing some slower people while on the grass and when I pulled the wagon up onto the sidewalk there was a bit of a lip that broke the plastic wheel. I’ll get 4 new wheels this week and fix it better than new. We made it home with Jasmine sitting in the very back of the wagon. Like hiking in sailing… Just different.

The game was good in the sense that our team (Mustangs) won. 68-15 over the Toronto Varsity Blues. We beat them a few weeks back 60-0. It was kind of one sided this time too.

At our home games there is a horse and rider that ride around the track after every touchdown.football 1318 At half time we went and I introduced Jasmine to the horse. I didn’t know it personally but I knew where it hangs out at half time. football 1358Jasmine likes horses. The lady that owns him asked her if she wanted one as a pet to have in her room. Jasmine wasn’t sure of that.

On the walk to and from the university we traveled through some of the student housing area. (Ghetto.) There were a lot of drunk purple people. And a lot of police fining them for all kinds of stuff. (I won’t go into details. Just imagine 5 or 6 thousand purple drunk 18-20 year olds on the streets.) I ran into one guy with the wagon by mistake… And I’m pretty sure he didn’t even notice. I don’t think he was drunk though. Perhaps otherwise impaired… He kind of just stared into space when I apologized… Caught up in the excitement. Or the cloud of smoke that was about.

All in all we had a great time. I’m sure Jasmine’s vocabulary has grown. (Until she tries to use some of those words she may have overheard.)

We both are looking forward to the next home game.


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