Daddy daughter day.

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That’s what today was. Jasmine wasn’t feeling well enough to go to school so I stayed home to look after her. (Heidi told me she wasn’t well enough to go to school.) So we did a bunch of stuff.

First thing we went to McDonald’s for a nutritious breakfast. Then off to switch cars with Heidi. (She took mine to work… because it was blocking hers in..) Then off to the shop to pick up a trailer to get railroad ties for a buddy. Yes those big black wood and creasill things. I opted for the Siren’s trailer because it was blocking my small utility trailer in. Then drive to the south end of town to get the ties from a landscape place. It was perfect for the job. We only needed 4 ties so I just placed them side by side and strapped them down. Off again downtown to drop off the ties at my buddy’s rental place. Then back to the shop to drop off the trailer. So far a really big loop of the city.

Once we dropped the trailer we went to pick up new shocks for my 03 SAAB 9-5.20140919_200504 I ordered them the day before for a shock and brake job I was planning to do to it. After the auto parts store it was off to the university. Western is the local U here and it’s homecoming this weekend. So a big football game is on tomorrow! Western vs Toronto. We went to the university to get tickets for the game because tomorrow is daddy daughter football day!

We really enjoyed walking around the campus while going to get the tickets. Jasmine keeps getting comments on how cute she is… We checked out the observatory to see when we could come and look at the stars next. (Early in Oct.)20140919_130457

Then more driving to go and get groceries for tonight’s meal. I wanted to make a cabbage salad and needed Napa cabbage for this particular recipe. (Alton Brown’s recipe from “the long arm of the slaw” episode.) I prepped the salad when we got home.

After that I started to work on the car. Jacked it up and put it on jack stands. Removed the rear struts and replaced them. Replaced the rear brake pads and painted the calipers red.20140919_15435620140919_203543

I ran out of sunlight just before I got to get the last strut back on. So I will do that in the morning.

(I BBQ’d chicken drumsticks and a steak in between getting started on the car and the sun going down.)

It isn’t that difficult to do this kind of mechanical work. Worst thing was getting the old shock out of the strut. The nut on the top of the strut was rusted on and took a bit of work to remove from the shaft. The shaft turns so that wasn’t any help. I finally persevered and now have it ready to pop back in the car.

Now that I’m in for the night I have got Bender, one of our IRobot vacuums, vacuuming the basement. Bender is the shop robot. He will eat anything! He takes a lot of abuse with the stuff I set him on in the shop. So the basement will be a walk in the park for him!20140919_203254 Once he is done I will clean him out and put him to charge for another go at it tomorrow.

I love vacuuming and not actually doing the work!

Oh my sick daughter didn’t turn out to be that sick. No fever just a bad cough that throat candy fixed. She should be good to go tomorrow for football!


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