I’m a lumber jack and…

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Today Jasmine and I played the part of lumber jacks. We went into the woods right in front of our slip and moved a big fallen tree. The tree fell this past week. It would have hit my Siren but I had moved it to a mooring ball on Wed of last week!
The lake rose 2M last wed! And like last year our posts that the dock rides on sunk under the dock. So like last year we weren’t prepared for that much of a rise in water level so quickly. My dock mate is in Cuba so it was up to me to babysit the dock and boats. I took the boats off the dock Wed night about 9:30. I had checked the dock at 4 pm and it had just about 6-8″ to rise before it floated away. I checked the Upper Thames water levels around 8 and decided to go move the boats. The dock was on the edge when I got there at 9:30. The water was still on the rise.
While the boats were on moorings is when the tree fell. I didn’t notice it until last night after another successful Wed night race. (Last! Had a great start though!) I noticed the stick… when I pulled into my slip. It was about 4′ form the starboard side of the boat. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I had to drop the sails and put things away. I did notice it was a big branch after taking the genoa down but still didn’t give it a good look until I was packed up.
It was a tree! Not a little tree! A 60-70′ dead Ash tree! If I had had the boat at the dock the top branches (Now missing) would have hit the boat. Hard too. The end of what I had originally thought to be a stick was 2.75″ across. That would have done some damage!
I decided today to pull the tree out of the water so it’s not in the way. So on my way to pick up Jasmine from school I stopped at the shop and got a 25′ truckers chain and a couple of tow straps. We went to the club right after. I wrapped a strap around the trunk like a choker and hooked another to it then it to the chain. I hooked the chain to the hitch on my SAAB. It took a few tries but I finally got the tree out of the water and pulled up the bluff. It got caught in the hole from it’s roots a few times until I rigged it to roll as I pulled. 20140918_161834Was there.20140918_174132Now it’s here.
That wasn’t it though. There still was the top of the tree in the water by my boat so I decided to use a club owned safety boat to pull it out and over to the main dock and ramp.20140918_171154 Once at the ramp I attached onto the car again and pulled it up the hill and over to the campfire area.
I look forward to  toasting marshmallows over it sometime.20140918_173429
We went out for supper after to A&W.20140918_180725


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