Almost lost.

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I almost lost my boat. I didn’t though.

It’s Wednesday so I went to the club tonight to show the other members how fast my Siren 17 is… (Boat #3 of Finding Peace Sail Charters.) Wed night fun races.

I picked it up off the mooring ball and rowed it to the main launch area docks to set up. Then it was off into the lake

We raced and the competition was relentless. I  had a great start and soon saw the back of all the boats. 2.3m/h was my top speed tonight! I used my phone and a app called Map my run  to get the speed and see the lines I was sailing. They weren’t strait… The wind is shifty on our lake. It wasn’t very strong either. So I stayed at the back of the pack waiting for an opportunity to race ahead of everyone else. \it didn’t happen. I gave up after 45 min of sailing and not getting to the first mark!

Oh well. Going back in I did pass a Mac 222 down wind! Then the wind shut off and I dropped the sails and headed for the dock.

I noticed that the dock wasn’t quite floating right. The end with the poles was up out of the water about a foot. I also noticed a big stick / branch floating right next to where I dock the boat.20140917_191602

I didn’t pay much attention to the stick thinking I’ll go onto land and pull it into the woods when I was done wrapping up the boat.20140917_190945

First I had to deal; with the dock. Jumping off the boat git it back in place.

While I was taking the genoa off I noticed the stick in a bit more detail. It was big! Probably about 12- 15’ long. Then I took another look…!

It wasn’t a stick or branch. It was the top of a tree! And the whole tree had fallen right where my boat is kept! The top part (Probably 12’ or more.) must have broken off and floated away!20140917_19215020140917_192546

Had my boat been in the way I don’t know what would have happened. It could have flipped the boat over or put a big hole in it.

I can’t just drag the 60’ tree into the woods so I’m going to use my car and a chain to pull it up the hill. At least enough to get it out of the water.

I’m going to try to get to the club tomorrow and move the tree. It’s daddy daughter supper night so Jasmine will help do the impossible tree move. Heidi has a staff meeting every Thursday after school.

I’m glad I moved the boat when I did. It would have been disappointing to find the boat hanging off the dock under water….

I’m going to have to check the rest of the trees in the area to see if they are dead or leaning.


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