My kids school doesn’t have computers…

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Just like everything. It all seems so much faster and better. Or is it?

I’m looking at a new laptop. A faster one with more memory. I know I just got a old MacBook a few weeks back. That is for the new home office. I need a all purpose laptop that we can use for entertainment too. We don’t have a TV… Really. I used to have a 9” B&W for watching football but since all the TV stations have gone digital… Well it just didn’t work.

Right now I have a 15” HP DV6000 laptop. It has been great over the last 3 years but now it is starting to show it’s age. Some of h keys don’t always work. (Example <) It’s been crashing a lot lately too.

I’ve done the things I should to “fix” it but still… It just gives out without warning. (That’s one of the reasons I use Google Docs instead of Word. Docs saves everything all the time. So when it crashes I don’t loose all my work. That used to be a big problem.)

I’m not going to get a new laptop right now. (I still have work to do on the boats. I think any extra $ I have should go into boats too. So I’m watching for deals on laptops.

I had planned to go to a business event tonight. Momondays is a once a month event in a number of Canadian cities. But…

Tonight was the parent teacher night at the London Waldorf School, Jasmines school. Heidi had planned to go but is sick so I went alone. I love this school! I wish I had gone to one like it when I was a kid. It looks at kids differently and teaching differently. It teaches to the individual kids ability. Of course, but it goes so much further.

I was told tonight that the kids won’t be taught reading until grade 3! Unless, of course, they take the initiative to learn by asking questions. So no drilling phonics or memorization of spelling.

Tonight the teacher told us a story of Einstein’s answer to the question of what is best for kids to learn to be creative. He said fairy tales. But what else…? More fairy tales!

I think that is great!

We read Jasmine fairy tales and tell her stories about our childhoods and she just loves it. They use this fairy tale and story telling as a teaching technique. (I don’t give this any real justice in my descriptions. Google “Waldorf education” and read how it all works. It is really cool!) The school doesn’t like it’s students to have access to TV, video games or mass media. (We don’t have a TV.) We do have computers, tablets and smart phones. But we don’t use them to sit and watch mass media. (Disney, TV, etc.)

I will let Jasmine watch one TV show on YouTube with me occasionally. Alton Brown’s Good Eats. Yes a cooking show! No commercials. No product placement. No junk. Just an interesting guy and an interesting way to look at making food. There’s a big science aspect to it too. She loves it and so do I. (Is it media… Yes but.)

It gives us ideas that are actionable… Yes actionable! The actionable part is all of us making things in the kitchen. If she helps make something she has a sense of pride of ownership. (She eats brussel sprouts because she cut the little end off and drizzles the olive oil on right after they are cooked just like Alton!) That goes for everything we make too!

When I see most other kids playing they aren’t using their imagination. Not really. They are copying what they see on TV or in video games.

Jasmine copies what she sees. All kids do. It’s how they learn. Why not give them something they can use. The ability to think on their own for themselves.

I think that if we give her all kinds of time to use her imagination and some good direction with wholesome content (Sailing, Nature, Good Eats.) she will become a well rounded individual.

The gift of play and imagination now will let her be who she will become. Herself. Not someone trying to copy the latest and greatest whatever is in favor in the media this second. Those people don’t really ever get to the goal of becoming their hero or that star, do they.

Disappointing isn’t it.

I wonder where the techie people in Silicon Valley send their kids to school? Wonder why?


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