A fair day for sailing.

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A fair day for sailing.

I purchased tickets to the local fair (Western Fair of Ontario) a week back and today was the last day to attend. So I took Jasmine and off we went at 11am this morning. (Heidi didn’t want to go as she doesn’t like “the Fair”. Too boring.)

Today while on a ride I explained the feeling of weightlessness to Jasmine. (A big pendulum type ride where you feel like you are falling for several seconds at the end of each swing.) On another ride I explained the energy forces called G force and centrifugal force. (Rides = The Zipper and Alien Abduction.)20140914_154142

Jasmine and I had a great time! We did learn some new things and met some nice people.

But for me the fair seemed to be lacking… (My opinion.)

Was it worth the $13 admission for Jasmine and I? Yes. ($13 for 6 hours of entertainment.) She loved it and I had fun. We made memories that will last a lifetime. We went on rides and ate fair food. Held baby chickens and pet different animals. (Alligator, python, goats, cows, etc.)20140914_13253320140914_123150

Will we go back next year?

No. I was disappointed with the lack of exhibits. I think next year I will take her to the Plowing Match instead.

Plowing Match…? Uh Yup. Why…? Culture.

(Google it to find one local to you if you live in North America.)

At the Plowing Match their is a definite sense of culture. (The fair lacks in this… Badly. Unless you are going for the carney money churning machine…) Sure there are the local talent competitions and local craft, flower, pie, pumpkin, and cat competitions. But… But. How much can you take of that…

Ask yourself when was the last time you were at a plowing match? Hmm. I bet there will be a lot of new and interesting stuff to see and do. Same for any festival put on and celebrated by  any other culture. Same deal. New things to see and do.

We love to learn new stuff and try new things. It’s fun. Really. Like your first time on a sailboat.

To be fair, I guess the fair wasn’t so bad. It’s just got old for me. I want to give Jasmine more than what it offers. New things to try, to learn, to taste, to live.20140914_12392320140914_141125

Hopefully she will give her children the same opportunities to experience different things while they are small too.

It’s almost apple picking season… Still some more sailing to do first.


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