How to start a mastermind group in your garage.

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I want to be involved in a mastermind group. But I can’t find one in my city of 370000 people. Add another 60000 students to that # too.

I have had an add posted on for 4 months and no responses! Link: (Click on see posters other adds and you will see the crazy adds I post for Finding Peace Sail Charters.)

That’s not the original but close. I tweaked it a bit yesterday and have had 2 responses! I think it may have been the addition of FREE to the title…

I want to be part of a mastermind group to get ideas and have a sense of buzz from a working group. Right now I do all my Sailing related work at home at night. (10:51 pm now) The energy will help allot.

I have responded to the two people that replied to me and have asked for ideas on starting this up.

I really don’t need the extra work getting this going. But I really want the benefits that come from a mastermind group. So I’m going to check YouTube for a tutorial and probably Google around for some worksheets that can help.

I don’t have a home office… Yet…

So while the weather is Ok I am going to run wires out to the garage so I can set up a office there for Skype calls. When it gets cold I will transition to the unfinished basement…

Our house is small! 700sq’ small. 2 bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen and bath. I don’t want to bother Jasmine or Heidi when I am on a call. (I really just don’t want the distraction of them.)

I just put an add on Kijiji to sell the leather couch my mom gave us… Because at 7’ it is too big to fit on any wall!20140908_160649 Only 10″ too long for the longest wall… Today we purchased a loveseat and chair for the living room and it is crowded with seating.20140908_163308

I do like the new loveseat and chair. But I will miss laying on the couch. (Link to the add above.)

Any ideas? Put them in the comments below.

Thanks Marty


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