Almost winning a sailboat race. Kind of anyway…

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I was 3 rd last at the 1st mark, 2nd last at the 2nd mark, 3rd last at the 3rd mark, last, last, finish =last.

Pretty good results for tonight’s racing at the Fanshawe Yacht Club!

I was racing in the Toy Boat. My Siren 17.

The wind was light and I did really well for the little boat. I had the jib on instead of the genoa. It was the easiest to get out and set up. I was in a hurry when I got to the club as there was only about 15 min to go before the start buzzer.

I hank on the fore sale and have to feed the main on with it’s bolt rope. (Slowly so it doesn’t catch going into the slot…) I had just motored out to the start line and hoisted the jib when the 1 min buzzer went. I hadn’t even looked to see what the course was yet. with the Siren I usually just follow the other boats but today I was first over the line! That’s why I did so well.

A good start is everything when racing! In last weeks regatta I didn’t get the starts I had hoped for. Inevitably some boats are on a different tack going over the line in our regattas. Especially when the new students are in the race.

Picture is of the regatta results. I’m the top line of Open A. Sail #4.regatta standings 002

Not bad coming in second! Too bad I was up against one other boat. I’d have been first if there wasn’t the other boat to race against.

I did a quick video while racing toward the 3rd mark in tonight’s race.

It’s always a good time getting out and having fun with the other sailors. I even made comment while I was passing the other boats. “Have you ever seen a Siren go so fast?” Is what I said. Both times they yelled back no.


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