Almost a new fleet boat. A nice walk on the beach.

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I had an opportunity to look at another boat to charter for Finding Peace Sail Charters today. It was in Port Stanley. Heidi and Jasmine were along with me for the ride as we had just finished visiting Jasmines new grade 1 class room.T22 and Port Stanley 003

I actually saw the boat on Thursday when I went and met the owner of Killins marina. I didn’t look at it because I didn’t know it was for sale at the time.

I looked it over today and I’m not sure it is a fit for me.

It was a Tanzer 22. Small with no pop top. It needs a really good clean up and a closer look than I gave it to really tell the shape it’s in.

Why even look at a Tanzer 22? Price. Here was a boat in a easy to get to marina that has all the amenities I want at a great price. It’s also a sailboat with a good track record. Fun, fast and easy to sail. It could sleep 4.

I’m not sure I want this boat. With the cleaning (It hasn’t sailed in 2 seasons and has been stored under trees.) that would be like cleaning the Siren 17 I have. It would be a lot of work just to get it to a presentable state. Inside isn’t so bad but still… It needs a day of scrubbing.T22 and Port Stanley 028

The owner is going on vacation for a week and a half and I told him I would get back to him when he gets back. I’ve got some time to think it over.

I think he is just trying to get out of winter storage fees. I also noticed a new add for a Tanzer 22 online when I got home. It’s the same one I looked at but with stock photos.


After looking at the boat we decided to go and check out the new pay for parking system at the beach. I mean go for a walk on the beach. 20 min of trying to get the parking ticket machine to work got to me and I gave up. None of these people got the machine to work and just gave up!T22 and Port Stanley 040 I asked a police officer if they were the ones that ticketed the cars. (Their were 2 officers in the parking lot…) He told me they were not the ticketing people and I should make a note of the time and fight the ticket if I received one. So I left a note on my dash with the time and reason for no parking stub.


Then we walked on the beach. It was windy and the waves were just about as big as Saturday.T22 and Port Stanley 044 Red flags were up on the lifeguard stations. We didn’t bring bathing suits anyway. We did check out a bathing suit shop looking for a bikini for Heidi. No luck. And no ticket on the car when we got back!

On the way home we had to stop at Shaw’s Ice Cream again.T22 and Port Stanley 048 It is the last official day of summer… And it’s really good ice cream. We sat under a tree to eat our ice cream. Jasmine and Heidi really like the tree. T22 and Port Stanley 051

I almost forgot he tall ships! We passed them on the way to the beach. I found a better rendition, all be it still a poor rendition, of tall ships painted on a large oil tank next to the beach.T22 and Port Stanley 045T22 and Port Stanley 042 Captain Ron did those. (The art community is glad he has left the area. Really! He painted a lot of down town London all in that monochromatic style with same the lack of perspective. Their are very few of his paintings left.)

One last tall ship. A good one too! T22 and Port Stanley 047


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