What a Saturday we had!

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What a Saturday we had.

We went to Port Stanley for some sailing on Lake Erie and to enjoy the beach.

We got to Stan’s Marina to launch around 10 am and set the boat up and launched without any problems.Port Stanley 016 We had to wait 20 min for the bridge to open up so we could get under. It opens every half hour if their is a boat waiting to get in or out. So we motored around in the river for a bit.

I decided to lock the keel down as I was told the river was plenty deep for my 4.25’ draft. Guess what… We grounded twice on the way to the bridge! Just kind of got stuck once in the mud. I just swung the boat around and went out the way we got in. I don’t have a depth finder on this boat. Next time I’ll bring one.

On the way out a guy in an inflatable RIB motored past us on his way in and yelled. I hope you have a heavy keel under that. This while he made big wavy actions with his arms.

I had checked the weather before we left about an hour before. The wind was supposed to be 10 gusting 15 m/h and the waves 40cm building later in the day. Supposed to be…

The waves going out of the harbor were 2 to 3M in 7 second intervals! The wind was about 15 with gusts of 25 blowing straight into us!

We fought for about 15 min to get from the break wall out to the last markers but weren’t making any headway. It was like we were parked with the motor running at full speed. We probably traveled 10 times that distance just riding up and down the waves! And what a ride it was! Way up and way down. Only the odd wave was breaking and we weren’t in any danger. We were having fun for sure.

I decided it wasn’t the best to keep trying to exit so I turned back. Good thing I did. When we got in where the waves were only about 1m or less the motor quit! Fun!Port Stanley 008

It was out of fuel! (I had filled it before we launched! The tank is small only holding about 1l of fuel.) I had the Jerry can strapped in under the laz hatch so I filled it on the fly and off we went again. Back to the ramp. The picture above was taken on our way back in just before Jasmine told me she sat on the tablet and heard a crack….. (That was our chart plotter. Was.)Port Stanley 044 We packed everything up and put the boat back on the trailer and parked it and the car in the spot we had procured for the day.

Now what? Off to the beach…? No. At the marina we heard of all the fun it was trying to get parking at the beach. Apparently there was a huge line of people trying to purchase parking passes for the day.

There was Harbor Fest this weekend and the town and the beaches were packed!

I decided to wander around the town and see the sights. (It’s a very small down town.) We came across a fish and chip place and decide to partake in some of the local Perch catch. Yummy!Port Stanley 021 Afterwards we went to see the tall ships. (There were tall ships in the marina that we had just came from… We even had one behind the car…. So the tall ships were kind of a disappointment. They were old beaten up steel hull barges that had wood masts and some square sails and some gaff sails…. That’s it (I think these tall ships (All 2 of them) are ones that aren’t allowed to go where the other tall ships go for fear of giving them a bad name. Just my opinion… I felt disappointed and I hadn’t even come to see them. ) See;Port Stanley 002Port Stanley 005

We got to see a real pirate magician and a real metal Elvis while looking at the tall ships. That should read. We watched a real pirate magician and a real metal Elvis perform in the presence of what some would call tall ships.Port Stanley 028Port Stanley 032

On the way home we stopped for ice cream at Shaw’s dairy and then went to visit Jumbo the elephant in St Thomas. We were the only ones at both places with our own pet sailboat.Port Stanley 036Port Stanley 043

In the end we had a great day even though we didn’t get into Lake Erie.

I should mention that while we had our fish and chips and then watched the performers no less than 20 sailboats came in from the lake. Too rough for them too.

I’m considering having a charter boat in Port Stanley for Finding Peace Sail Charters in the future.Port Stanley 017 I like the little port and the people are very nice.


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