A Hydrophonic Runabout!

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I was out to the storage yard today where I store my boats over the winter. I saw one poor boat that has been left to become a flower pot.Storage yard 004 I saw this boat show up last year. It was in the back of a pickup truck. 2 guys kind of slid/ dropped it out and onto the concrete block that holds the bow up now. Then they left. No covering it up. Just drop it and go. I thought that they would return and tarp it at least. They didn’t. I saw it numerous times through the winter when I went to check the boats. This past winter it was full of snow then this spring it was full of water and ice.


I haven’t been back to the yard since I got the boats out but went back today on my way to Port Stanley. I thought I’d see if I could have the same spots plus one extra. I want to keep the boats together so I don’t have too much snow to walk through to get to each one throughout the winter. Looks good for keeping them together!

I noticed the boat in the picture because of the vegetation growing above the gunwale… So I took a closer look. Storage yard 005It has been seeded by the local weeds and they have rooted in the carpet! It’s become a hydroponic runabout! I’m not sure that the owner intended for it to become that. He didn’t look the scientific type. No white lab coat was seen. But here is a innovative new idea for growing weeds. They are kept watered by the water soaking into the plywood of the floor and the carpet keeps the substrate cool and moist. Both probably assists in wicking the water too! Genius!


I went to Port Stanley to procure a slip for the weekend and introduce myself to one of the 3 marina owners. Monique Killins of Killins Marina.Storage yard 023 I had spoke with her earlier this past spring and mentioned I’d pop by and introduce myself some day. Today was perfect. She showed me around the marina and properties. I have decided to leave my toy boat at her marina for the weekend. This marine could be another option in the future for Finding Peace Sail Charters. There is a festival in the port this weekend. Harbor Fest is a yearly event. This will be our first time attending. It looks like fun. Lots to see and do. There will be a couple of tall ships to tour and take rides on. We will skip the rides but probably will tour one of them.

There are 2 beaches in Port Stanley. A big one and a small one. Both have areas where you can get close to shore with your anchored boat so we will anchor off shore and wade in.

I noticed that this spring the town implemented paid parking at the beach where it used to be free. Today I noticed 4 empty parking lots and one ⅔ full lot! It was a beautiful day for the beach too! I hope the town hasn’t scared beach goers away with the $2/ hour to a max of $10/ day parking fee. (A season pass is $155.) I’m not a big fan of paid parking unless it is secure or valet.

Looking forward to this weekend!


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