Florida; Sunshine, Oranges and No Trespassing!

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I’ve been trying to write about this subject for about a week now and keep coming to the same conclusion. Someone else is better at it than me. In this case its Wally. Here is a link to his blog ware he talks about the subject of Florida and there proposed new laws: http://bloggingtheicw.blogspot.ca/2014/08/fighting-florida-anchoring-fight.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+LiveblogginTheIcw+%28LiveBloggin%27+the+ICW%29

I won’t be affected right away by this new law. BUT, it makes me change my business plan. (Maybe that is right away.) My plan was to expand into Florida with Finding Peace Sail Charters in the future. Looks like if this bill passes I’ll not be offering sailboats for bareboat charter in the state. It defeats the purpose of my charter company. To offer an affordable alternative for people like me…

I’ve effectively been kicked out of the state before I got a chance to get in! I’ll try not to take it personally. (Maybe start a trailer charter service ware trailers can be dropped in front of homes that back onto the ICW and other waterways….)

Or not.

Please clink Wally’s link and support the fight against this bill.

And just as important. Respect the property of others and follow the rules so us sailors look good.

Note; Because of the whole Florida kerfuffle, I’m taking suggestions on places in other states that can use an affordable sailing charter service.

Post them in the comments or email them directly to me. info@findingpeace.info








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