Consistency and Determination Win!

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I’m elated with our results in the2014  Fanshawe Yacht Clubs Championship Regatta.

Before the #’s I’ll tell about the time we had.


For Heidi and I this was our first regatta together. Neither of us was thrown overboard by the other! We have had about 3 beer can races under our belts as a team in the past. None this year. We worked pretty well as a team. There is a big learning curve for Heidi but she performed well. Hopefully I was concise enough with my instructions and not too over bearing with my commands.


I asked Heidi how she felt about the weekend and she told me that she had a great time and that she would like to do this more often. Great! I’m looking forward to more husband and wife team racing. (Note; Today, Aug 25 is our 9th anniversary!)Sunday club regatta 002Sunday club regatta 005


Now the #’s!

Sat we were; 2,2,2,2

Sun: DNS, 2,2,2

Outcome: 2nd in the Open A class! (The other boat was a Lazer 2. It was only one other boat in our class.)


You know how #’s lie… Well, we did come 2nd in our class. We also did come last in every aspect and race! We were so slow that our race starts had to be held back so we could finish the race that was done before. The last race saw us start in the 2nd of 3 starting groups. The slower keel boats followed and passed us before the first mark! We did pretty well running with the wind against the slowest of the keel boats. The still gained distance before the 2nd mark. During our last race the first Lazer class and our class ran another shorter course. Everyone finished before us. We were the last boat over the line every time including the last race that we missed because we were still racing the one before. At yesterday’s club dinner the organizer of the regatta said “ You have done so well in the past years…” I reminded him that I had always sailed a MacGregore 26D in the past. He got the difference right away.


We were consistent! We didn’t throw in the towel because we were so slow. We enjoyed ourselves! We worked together as a team. We learnt about each others strengths and weaknesses. We learnt the boats strengths and weaknesses. We learnt to refer to the specific handout race literature and not the website for start times… (See DNS above. We were late to start the first race.) We practiced for the next one!


The Siren 17 is a fun little boat. It would be great for racing against other Siren 17’s. (Hint Siren 17 owners… Wed, afternoon and evenings at FYC.) This boat is a welcome addition to our fleet at Finding Peace Sail Charters. I don’t know that I’d let it out on charter. Maybe… For sure if a Wayfarer sailor wanted it!

Looks Fast!
Looks Fast!


I’m going to look into some new chartering ideas this winter and see how or if I can get others out on a fun boat like this.


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