Sew me a reef.

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I sewed a reef into my Siren 17 sail today. I ended up using 5 grommets. The reef is about 3’ from the foot of the sail.

I started by cutting 10 5” squares of sailcloth. It is actually left over from the from the same sail I cut up to make this one.

I marked the sail where I wanted the grommets and stuck the squares to each side of the sail with double sided tape. The same double sided tape that sells. Then I sewed around the outside of each square. After the sewing was done I cut holes in the middle of each square and installed a grommet.Reef in sail 003Reef in sail 004Reef in sail 007

I tried to use the punch cutting tool that came in the grommet kit but it wouldn’t cut through any layers of the sail cloth…


Here are some pictures of the windows I made and installed the other day. As well as the new trailer fenders I made.Siren motor mount 006Siren motor mount 016Siren motor mount 024 


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