Sailboats and hammers.

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I smashed the windows out of my sailboat today. I couldn’t get the spline out of the rubber plexiglass holder. It’s 39 years old so it’s a bit hard.Siren 17 window removal 006

Breaking the plexi was the easiest way to get it out. I used my 16oz Estwing hammer to  crack it then I just pulled it out of the rubber. The rubber came off easily after that.Siren 17 window removal 009

This is in preparation for the new windows I made today.

I made a paper template and cut the new bolt on windows out of smoked Lexan.Siren 17 window removal 005 After cutting them out with my jig saw I sanded the edges and drilled holes. The hose are for the 10-32 bolts I picked up today from Laurie’s Fasteners.

After drilling the holes in the Lexan I taped the windows in place and drilled the holes into the cabin top for the bolts.

My project was cut short by rain and I thought I had a caulking gun here. Seems it’s in the shop. So tomorrow I will install the Lexan using silicone and bolts. I really don’t like using silicone on a boat but the way these windows have to be installed it’s all I can use.


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